Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our Big Girl

Happy half a year, O! We love you so much! You are such an easy going baby! I am so proud of everything you are learning, and hope you forgive our mistakes!
You are already able to do so many things by yourself and are well on your way for most everything else! I love when you talk and sing to me. Your laugh is the best reward after a long day...I love how ticklish you are and how much you enjoy being naked (you will thank us one day for not posting all those cute pictures of you).
I can't believe just 6 months ago you were just fresh out of my belly!

Here are some pictures of our spontaneous family outing last Saturday. D took us to the UNC football game, and we managed to get in for free at half time!

O was so easy going...the only time she got really startled was when the band came right behind us to play and get us pumped up! It was a tad loud!

O really liked watching the huge replay screen...more than she did the game!

O in her new car seat- she LOVES it, even falls asleep in it!

Greensboro half marathon

This is the last race D has been training for...we woke up at 5am to leave the house at 6:45am. O was really sweet about being woken up and did well for most of the ride.
I'll let D tell the story, but we ended up being lost in Greensboro and D missed the starting gun. I think the extra hour of driving did O in, and she started getting REALLY fussy!

(Oh , and I got a hair cut this week...)

Before the race

THANK GOODNESS FOR SUZI!!!! I am so happy Suzi has moved home to North Carolina! O and I got to go hang out at her house while Daddy was running. It was a nice break from being in the car.
I hope my brother won't be too jealous : O met her first "Jacob"- Suzi's dog. O LOVED it, and was a little surprised that she was getting licked and not the one licking....Jacob is such a well trained sweet dog!

Dave managed to run...and though we did not get tickets for the Phish reunion, he was tired enough he did not care any more!

O showed off what a big girl she is with her Auntie Suzi!

Daddy's girl

We finally made it out to Dave's work (the North Carolina Institute of Medecine) to visit. We celebrated the coming of Berkeley's baby...and O got to meet Gaby-who is only 2 days older and quite a few pounds lighter! She was tired but had a lot of fun being social!

This is how O and Daddy like to hang out...I love how she finds a way to curl up around D and still be looking with him! ( this is the cute outfit she was wearing to show off at the office...but pooped through it just as we got there!)

She is ALWAYS happy when she wakes up! We are such lucky parents!

General Conference

This was Olivia's first General Conference...and having her with us made things VERY different from what they used to be. I don't think I took any notes. She was really patient with us and was happy to stay in the house and watch!

(we went for a family run early Saturday morning before the broadcast)