Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Olivia loves wearing hats, including the hat in the picture above which belongs to Sarah and the hat in the picture below which might have fit her 1 year ago.

This is in front of our apartment.

After getting settled we made the four hour trip west and explored Chicago. It was a lot of fun. Here we are in Grant Park.

Chapel Hill

Our first stop back in the US after nearly 3 months in France was Chapel Hill, NC where we stayed with my (Dave's) dad. Olivia loved being with her papy, including swimming in his pool. Just like in Nice, she did all should could to try and figure out how to get convince us to go swimming, including constantly wearing her swimming gear even if we weren't going.


Our last few days in France were spent in Nice, aka, Paradise. We went to the beach at least once a day, sometimes more. You can see in one of these pictures that Olivia found her swimming diaper and is trying to put it on herself. She also enjoyed trying on the hats and bags that belonged to Sarah's Grandmother, and insisted that Papy Jacques try the hat on as well.

Back in Toulouse

After leaving Brittany and before heading back to the US we spent a week and a half in the south, including many days at Sarah's parents in the Toulouse area. As you can see, Olivia had a blast!