Monday, March 31, 2008

American Sign Language

I took an ASL class this winter...because I know babies can start using the signs to express themselves as early as 6 months old- eliminating a great deal of frustration! I got an introduction to whole new world and culture! This add really cracks me up--- partly because I complain that David is so deaf sometimes!

J'ai pris un cours de language pour les sourds et muets cet hivers...cette publicité me fait beaucoup rire...surtout parce que David est sourd dans une oreille et que je m'en plains parfois!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ma mamie

Cette vidéo est dédicacée à mes grandparents...en souvenir de tous les moments agréables qu'ils on eu ensemble.

Mamie m'a enseigné beaucoup de choses-- mais elle était timide et n'aimait pas être filmée. Cette vidéo a été prise par Yohann, pendant l'été 2003. Merci d'avoir immortalisé la grand-mère dont je me souviens si bien!

This is my paternal grandma, Mamie. She is now in a nursing home and not always cognitive...I've posted this here to share with my grandpa, her husband, so he can enjoy good old memories of her.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Little did we know when we started an intramural basketball team at school that we'd go on to become the champions! In a tournament of over 50 teams we went on a hot streak that included beating the #2 and the #1 ranked teams in the final four and championship games. We started the tourney ranked #22 but came out on top thanks to tournament MVP Morris Davis and a dramatic final shot by our captain Brad Heaton to win the game! We only have 3 members of our team graduating this year, so the dept of Health Policy and Administration (HPAA) should be competitive again next year! Thanks to Lee (one of our graduating stars) for making the video and Sarah (one of our biggest supporters) for taking these pictures.