Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Sarah and I enjoyed our first valentine's day together in style. On the Saturday before we went to a church party/dance with a couple of friends of ours. We first met Georges and Fanny when we went to their house with the missionaries a couple months ago. Now we've become good friends and enjoyed this opportunity to have chocolate fondue with them. On the 14th, I presented Sarah with some flowers and we went to a fantastic eastern African restaurant. I love being able to eat both the plate and the food with my hands! Well, it wasn't really the plate, but it was the bread like thing the meat and veggies were served on. It was a great meal and I really loved the sweet card Sarah made for me. I married a girl with talent!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Dance classes

Pour Noël, David m'a offert des cours de dance avec lui....Nous allons pendant une heure tous les lundi soirs et nous apprenons une dance différente chaque semaine pour 7 semaines...nous ne sommes pas très gracieux encore...ça viendra avec le temps et la pratique.
For those of you who told us that dance classes were a cause of fights in your couple - you scare me for nothing. Dave is an absolute blast to dance with! Besides his natural talent, he is totally hilarious ! Thanks for this wonderful Christmas gift, I loveyou.

Le canal Rideau, Ottawa

Ce canal est connu pour être la plus longue patinoire gratuite. Comme il fait assez froid, le canal gelé est ouvert au public sur une distance d'environ 5 km en plein centre ville Ottawa. C'est très bien aménagé...mais il fait quand même un peu trop froid pour moi!

It was still a TAD too cold for me on Monday night...but it was tons of fun skating on the Rideau Canal, which is open for public skating for about 5km.

L'hiver canadien

it's REALLY cold these days! Here is the view from our basement appartment windows!
Le givre sur les fenêtres est très beau à on se couvre TRES bien quand on sort. Voici la vue de notre appartment en ce moment!

Bonne Année!

Thank you all for your kind gifts and cards during the Christmas season. It's so nice to get news and share of your lives.

We have tried hard to keep in touch...but I haven't been the best. Kim and Katherine, so sorry I am not able to accept your congratulations yet : I am NOT pregnant (yet).

On y est presque arrivés. Ne soyez pas vexés si vous n'avez pas encore reçu de carte pour la nouvelle année...vous devez vous trouver sur la liste des cartes que David doit écrire!