Friday, October 23, 2009

Jumping Olivia

Jumping along with her dvd

The funny thing about this video is that for a few months now she has been saying "Papy" (grandpa) everytime she sees this BBQ sauce. Now she's even started kissing him. Notice that if she turns the bottle around she finds Nanny! What a great bottle. What do you think, does this look like my (david's) dad or Sarah's mom?

New pics

Her halloween doggy costume. She insisted on wearing Sarah's brown hat

she loves moving her elmo chair everywhere

She loves her new froggy boots and we love this dress my (david's) mom made.

our 2 new craigslist chairs

The smallest turtle we've ever seen

We're already busting out the winter gear

The view from our front door - Olivia heading straight for the swings

No canvas can contain her artistic talent

Sunday, October 4, 2009

More dancing videos

Nothing gets her moving like the nutracker

It just so happens that the Beastie Boys is next on itunes after one of her children's albums, so we end up dancing to this song quite often. As you can see, she loves it!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Notre petite artiste en herbe aime beaucoup plus jouer a la maison que dessiner!

juste avant d'aller faire la sieste...
O dance avec son papa!
We got a couple of foam chairs for O- and she LOVES them! She often requests our company. She likes to know she is a big girl!

This has got to be the goofiest picture of O this month. O ne sort jamais sans le collier de Nanny et porte toujours le petit bonnet de nouveau-ne tricote par Grandma.
L'autre jour, je me suis retournee et O avait disparu-- juste a 50 metres- au terrain de jeux devant notre maison.

I have a decoy keyboard set up on my computer for O...I wish I could find a cool mouse that she would fall for too!